Randy & Colleen - Colert Beach Engagement Session - Ryan B. Photography - Winnipeg Wedding Photographer
Engagement photos of Randy & Colleen by Ryan Bergen of Ryan B. Photography at the Colert Beach, Morden Lake, Morden Manitoba.
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silhouette of couple and their dog high fiving in the sunset, colert beach, morden manitoba

Randy & Colleen – Colert Beach Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions.

This is a time when I get to work with the couple under no pressures of the wedding day, or tight timelines to meet. It’s also a time where the couple gets to see how I work with them and make them feel comfortable.

Engagement sessions also offer amazing opportunities like shooting into the sunset. During the wedding day, we’re only usually lucky if we get 15 minutes to shoot during this “golden hour”. Also, making it themed or bringing your pet makes it an amazing opportunity to get something you might not otherwise be able to at your wedding.

For this one, we specifically chose to shoot as the sun was setting, and they had their dog! The best combo we could ask for 🙂

Randy and Colleen (and Max), you guys rocked it, and we’ll have no issues this summer 😉

See ya soon enough!

engaged couple laughing on top of the hill at morden lake

engaged couple giving piggy back rides in sunset

engaged couple by trees in sunset at morden lake

couple by morden lake laughing in the sunset

engaged couple walking by morden lake in the sunset

engaged couple walking by morden lake in the sunset

engaged couple walking by morden lake in the sunset

engaged couple with their dog by morden lake

collie boxer dog with it's owners

engaged couple with their dog in focus

dog high fiving its owners

dog and it's owners walking by morden lake

engaged couple walking with dog in morden field during sunset

engaged couple with dog silhouetted in morden during sunset


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